Pottery by Rex Hogan    

  • Turkey Turkey By Rex Hogan
  • Folk Roosters Folk Roosters By Rex Hogan___(Click Pic for larger view)
  • Fall Roosters Fall Roosters By Rex Hogan
  • Eagle Pair 450 Eagles By Rex Hogan
  • Christmas Roosters Christmas Roosters By Rex Hogan
  • snake jug snake jug By Rex Hogan
  • Large Vase Large Vase By Rex Hogan
  • Roosters Cartoon Roosters Cartoon By Rex Hogan
  • Fighting Roosters Fighting Roosters By Rex Hogan and Suzanne Reese Johnston
  • Fighting Rooster Fighting Rooster By Rex Hogan
  • Yellow Rooster Yellow Rooster By Rex Hogan
  • Indian Chief Indian Chief By Rex Hogan
  • Rooster Rooster By Rex Hogan
  • Face jug Face jug By Rex Hogan
  • Detailed Rooster Detailed Rooster By Rex Hogan
  • Face jug by Rex Hogan Face jug by Rex Hogan
  • Pig vase by Rex Hogan Pig vase by Rex Hogan
  • Chicken Jug by Rex Hogan Chicken Jug by Rex Hogan
  • At Atlanta Airport Exhibit At Atlanta Airport Exhibit


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We are folk art potters located in Cleveland Georgia. . We have a recognizable style of portraying individual characters on each piece of pottery (each one of a kind). Each item is created individually using traditional Southern techniques of working with clay, glazes and firing.





eagle 1

Eagle 1

eagle 2

Eagle 2

eagle 3

Eagle 3




The legend of Sautee-Nacoochee


indian2 indian3 indian1  
chief1 nacoochee chief2  
owls creator  

Rooster with snake Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Exhibit











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